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2014-Apr-14 - Pierre Thomas News and Video

Pierre Thomas News and Video

Undrafted rookie DE Glenn Foster no longer looks like a longshot to make Saints roster

After registering three sacks in his first two NFL exhibition games, defensive lineman Glenn Foster likes his chances of becoming the latest undrafted rookie to make the New Orleans Saints' regularseason roster."Definitely," said Foster, Cheap Texans Jerseys who also has been credited with three quarterback hits and a forced Cheap Jerseys fumble. "Whenever a free agent or anyone comes out and shows out like that, you always feel confident going into the next game that you can do more."Foster has two preseason games left to continue proving himself, starting with Sunday's exhibition in Houston. For now, though, coach Sean Payton isn't saying anything to discourage the former Illinois Wholesale Jerseys defensive tackle, who lines up at end in the Saints' 34 scheme."He's playing exceptionally well," Payton said. "When you get a player who comes in a rookie class as an undrafted free agent and is playing like he is and well enough to make the team, that's a good deal."He is very consistent, explosive," Payton continued.

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2014-Apr-14 - Openly LGBT Rappers Challenge Hip

Openly LGBT Rappers Challenge Hip

Will rap and hiphop ever be ready for a successful openly gay or lesbian artist? The question has been asked repeatedly ever since JayZ and other leading hiphop artists came out for equal marriage . but said nothing about hiphop's entrenched homophobia.

A number of openly LGBT artists in Baltimore are challenging that, reports the Baltimore Sun. Baltimorebased rapper DDm says he was inspired by "Omar Little", the Black gay homothug and stickup artist on HBO's gritty drama The Wire.

Omar, like DDm, was raw, aggressive and gay. DDm saw enough in common with Omar that he named his mixtape, which drops next month, "The Omar Tape." "Omar was, of course, homosexual but was respected and feared in a lot of cases, and I feel such a correlation in terms of that," said DDm, who performs on the main stage at the Baltimore Pride Block Party on Saturday. "Because there are a lot of artists here who talk about me behind my back, but they have yet to battle me. They have yet to try me."

30odd years after hiphop debuted, there are virtually no mainstream gay rappers. But the 24yearold DDm, whose given name is Emmanuel Moss, is one of a small but growing number of Mitch Richmond S Jersey gay Baltimore hiphop artists hoping to change that stereotype. . [It] is still an uphill battle for LGBT hiphop artists. For several local rappers who are out, there are still stereotypes boxes they are placed in because of their orientation. There are lingering stigmas and other obstacles to being accepted by some of their peers.

When appearing in music videos, DDm remembers instances where people have walked away from him on the set because they don't want to be seen or associated with him. He said rappers have asked him to contribute to tracks in the studio, only to cut his verses from the final record, which he suspects has more to do with other people coming in and questioning his inclusion than the quality of his rhymes.

There was also a recent panel discussion on homophobia and hiphop in New York, reports EBONY. The panel addressed a range of issues from stereotypes Latrell Sprewell 5XL Jersey within hip hop culture to the lack of intellectual coverage on the topic in mainstream media. . As DDm expressed during the panel, would Jay be willing to sign an openly gay rapper? And is Beyonce taking a transgendered MC out on tour? Not yet. In fact it seems no one is.

DJ Baker spoke with me last month for EBONY in my report on hiphop and homophobia. "We still have to address hiphop's negative attitudes toward homosexuality," he said. "Why can't we be successful in hiphop besides being a wardrobe stylist or a closeted producer? Why aren't their openly gay rappers on major labels?"

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2014-Apr-14 - or the death of the Big East

or the death of the Big East

It appears that the Big East is not longed for the world, at least not as presently constituted. This is difficult for at least this Big East purist on a few levels: 1.) the Big East represents my earliest memories of college basketball; 2.) it would be tragic to see what Dave Gavitt and then Mike Tranghese worked so hard to build fall by the wayside in the name, ultimately, of money; and 3.) there is nothing better than New York City in early March (though I not seen a whole lot of it with UConn in the last five years).

All that aside, it looks like the Big East is going to cease to exist soon. Commissioner John Marinatto has invoked the trite and overused outside the box saying in recent days, particularly when former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue was named an adviser to the league. I fear that no amount of outside the box will save the league, thus UConn will have to find itself a new home.

According to whatever rumors/reports you want to believe, UConn is a target for Big Ten expansion. And it not. It is lumped with Syracuse and Rutgers as possible Big chi flat iron Ten targets for purposes of bringing the coveted Northeast television market to the Big Ten, particularly in football. Apparently the folks in the Big Ten are under the impression that a lot of people in the Northeast pay Replica Christian Louboutin attention to college football. Yes, they pay attention to football, but only on Sundays.

UConn is sometimes left out of the Big Ten expansion conversation in favor of Syracuse, Rutgers and Pittsburgh. This seems the more likely scenario. Rumor is that the Big Ten wants schools that are members of the American Association of Universities, an elite group of 63 schools allowed admission to the group based on the size of their research wings. Guess what? UConn is not among those 63; Syracuse, Pittsburgh and Wholesale Browns Jerseys Rutgers are, as is every member of the Big Ten.

So where would that leave the Huskies? Probably in the ACC. That makes more sense than the Big Ten for a lot of reasons.

Leave basketball out for a minute. UConn hoops, both men and women would fit nicely into either league. No big deal there. This is all about football, as it usually is. Big Ten football might be a smidgen above UConn head right now. ACC football is right on par with what the Huskies are doing in football at the moment. Either way, UConn comes out in a winner on the football side.

In basketball, the BCUConn rivalry is back in play. The ACC could have a nice little spot in the Northeast corridor with UConn, BC and Maryland. A couple of other Big East teams West Virginia, South Florida and Louisville, for argument sake could also find themselves in the ACC, thus preserving at least some Big East flavor. UConn women hoops would finally get some inleague competition with Duke and North Carolina. And a move to the ACC would finally force Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski to actually schedule a game in Connecticut.

There are, of course, issues. The Big East requires its members to give Cheap Bengals Jerseys 27 months notice before leaving and also pay a stiff penalty. At the earliest, all this would happen for 2011 but that only if this thing moves quickly, as in the next month. Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany said in December it could take anywhere from 6 months to 18 months to figure all of this out. As for the penalty, big whoop. Any school would be willing to pay it (something like $5 million) to reap the benefits of the better televison deals the Big Ten and ACC have. The Big Ten guarantees its schools something in the neighborhood of $20 million in TV revenue alone. That is a massive chunk of change that can be sneezed at.

Lost in all of this is the academic part of it. The presidents in all of these leagues are the only ones harping on this as the athleticside executives tend to see only the $$$$$.

Stay tuned. This is going to be interesting.

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2014-Apr-14 - Paul Tagliabue overturns Saints suspensions

Paul Tagliabue overturns Saints suspensions

In a rebuke of Roger Goodell, his predecessor as NFL commissioner, Wholesale Jerseys Paul Tagliabue vacated the suspensions of four players involved in a bounty scandal that has roiled the New Orleans Saints for more than nine months.

The Saints' participation in the 2010 NFC championship game against the Minnesota Vikings was a key component of the alleged bounty scheme.

Tagliabue, appointed by Goodell to handle a cheap nfl jerseys second round of player appeals after Goodell was forced to modify his original discipline, walked a tightrope in his rulings Tuesday, Dec. 12.

He affirmed Goodell's finding that a bounty program offering money for hits that knocked opponents from games did exist.

He also said that Jonathan Vilma, Anthony Hargrove and Will Smith engaged in conduct that was detrimental to the league and that Vilma offered a $10,000 bounty on Brett Favre, then quarterback of the Vikings, in the 2010 NFC championship game between Minnesota and New Orleans.

But Tagliabue, who interviewed players, coaches and other league personnel, shifted the Wholesale NFL Jerseys blame for the program almost entirely to the Saints, citing "broad organizational misconduct." He agreed with Goodell that senior Saints coaches "conceived, encouraged and directed" the bounty program and that coaches and managers Wholesale Jerseys china obstructed the NFL's investigation into the program.

Coach Sean Payton had previously been suspended for the 2012 season, former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was suspended indefinitely, general manager Mickey Loomis was suspended for eight games and interim head coach Joe Vitt was suspended for six games. Those punishments have stood.

Tagliabue exonerated former Saints linebacker Scott Fujita, finding he had not engaged in conduct detrimental to the league because he did not participate in a program promoting "cartoff" and "knockout" hits.

Vilma, suspended by Goodell for the entire current season, and Smith, suspended four games, have been playing for the Saints while their appeals were pending. Fujita is on injured reserve; Hargrove is not with a team.

Tagliabue wrote that a "culture" existed in New Orleans that promoted tough talk and cash incentives for hits to injure opponents, including Favre.

But Tagliabue added there was "little evidence of the tone of any talk about a bounty before the Vikings game."

"Was any bounty pledged serious? Was it inspirational only? Was it typical 'trash talk' that occurs regularly before and during games? The parties presented no clear answers," Tagliabue wrote. "No witness could confirm whether Vilma had any money in his hands as he spoke; no evidence was presented that $10,000 was available to him for purposes of paying a bounty or otherwise."

Favre suffered an ankle injury in the third quarter of a 3128 overtime loss to New Orleans for the right to go to the Super Bowl.

Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, who initially strongly criticized the Saints players allegedly involved in the bounty scheme, remained strongly opposed to the notion Tuesday. "If you're going to implement a bounty on someone, you shouldn't be playing football."

Regarding the overturning of the suspensions, Kluwe said, "I think it just shows that Goodell probably didn't have the evidence to cheap jerseys back up that drastic of a punishment, but the fact cheap jerseys remains there was something going on."

Tagliabue found that coaches and other members of the Saints organization had "contaminated" the case, essentially saying that wholesale jerseys Goodell's original suspensions, including Vilma's, which was to have run a full season, cheap jerseys were too harsh.

The NFL chose to cheap jerseys china emphasize that Tagliabue had agreed with most of Goodell's initial findings and that the appeals process set out in the collective bargaining agreement, or CBA, worked.

The players union issued a statement calling the ruling a "fair outcome."

The Saints opened the season 04 and are now 58 and virtually out of the playoff race after appearing the postseason the three previous seasons.

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Vikings, Adrian Peterson will miss Jerome Felton, coach says

Lawmaker seeks Vikings stadium finance review before bond sale

'Closed Circuit,' a postprivacy thriller (review)

That's a key message of "Closed Circuit," an entertaining and wellcrafted if not overly heartstopping British conspiracy thriller starring Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall. Security cameras are everywhere, giving us birdseye glimpses of each character, and reminding us that we, too, are never really alone. Full Story

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2014-Apr-14 - NYT Profiles the Amazing

NYT Profiles the Amazing

Thanks to Monica Roberts for the headsup. If there is one thing that you read during lunch, make sure that it is the New York Times profile of Rod 2.0 favorite and turntable goddess Miss Honey Dijon.

The Chicagoborn DJ and producer created a name for herself in the early 00s by performing amazing deep house sets in intimate settings and massive club rooms across the globe. In recent years Miss Dijon has created a singular brand at "the nexus of art, fashion and night life" as she spins live for Givenchy, Louis Vuitton and other runway collection, reports NYT fashion critic Alex Hawgood.

The fact that Honey Dijon is transgender has caused barely a shrug in the widening circles that have Youth Matt Duchene Jersey embraced her. .

In January, Vogue Italia chose a snapshot of Ms. Redmond wearing thick blueframe glasses and a floral print blouse by Givenchy as its 'Look of the Day,' praising her personal style as a "mix of femininity, androgyny and irony, which is always cool." The top was a gift from her friend Riccardo Tisci, the label's designer. In an email, Mr. Tisci wrote: "I've known Honey for a long time. I love her style and I like her playing with her masculine and feminine sides."

Redmond grew up in the 1970s on the South Side of Chicago in a "very

middleclass, loving AfricanAmerican family," she said. Her young

parents often gave parties in their basement on Friday nights and invite

their son, who identified as female from an early age, to lift the

needle on the record player between songs from artists like the Isley

Brothers and Minnie Riperton. worlds.

"I've always wanted my talent to speak for

itself," she said. "I didn't want 'black' or 'trans' or any of it to

speak for me. Now I am beginning to realize the importance of it because

there is really hardly any visibility for black trans women, especially

in fashion. Hell, there are hardly any black women in fashion. Period." But despite her success, Ms. Redmond said she still can feel like an outsider.

Miss Dijon performed today at the Louis Vuitton Men's F/W 2013 Presentation in Osaka, Japan. She arrived in Japan last night and almost lost her music. "[Left] my laptop on the plane with 4 hard drives full of music because i was over exhausted from traveling," Miss Dijon writes on Facebook. "Just got it back and I'm back in business."

Brava! I first encountered Miss Honey' and her music in the mid 90s via the old Gramaphone Records in Chicago. Miss Honey and I reunited in the early 00s in New York City. I've heard Youth Paul Stastny Jersey her play everywhere from G in Chelsea to clubs in Montreal and Paris. Love, love, love her music and energy.

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